This program is designed to develop participants’ skills and knowledge in the field of creative application and innovation in Creative Digital Industry. Graduates will be able to develop web design, interactive design, print design, digital typography and font design, digital audio & video and digital photography.


At the end of the Diploma New media, graduates should be able to:

  • Posses relevant knowledge of art, design, and creative new media (Knowledge)
  • Analyse, design, develop, implement and documenting all aspects of the multimedia development (Practical skills)
  • Demonstrate teamwork in the development of a multimedia project, interpersonal, entrepreneurial and social skills. (Social Skills and Responsibilities)
  • Practice social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities and ethics of a professional designer (Ethics, professional and humanities)
  • Communicate effectively with peers, clients, superiors and society at large. (Communications, leadership and team skills)
  • Apply the conceptual thinking and idea in design application (Scientific methods, Critical thinking and problem solving)
  • Recognise the needs and knowledge to undertake to the life-long learning. (Lifelong learning and information management)
  • Promote idea and creativity through entrepreneurship capabilities (Entrepreneurship and management skills)


2½ Years / 7 Semester