Accreditation of the Programmes by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)

According to the circular from the Ministry of Education dated 8th November 2003, all courses offered at the private universities, university colleges and branch campuses of foreign universities are compulsory to obtain the accreditation status. At MMC, even before this circular took effect, we had been applying to MQA for accreditation status of all our programmes. The process of which is as described below.

After the Minister grants approval for the programme to be conducted, MMC can then enroll students for the approved programme. Once the programme has produced its first batch of final year students, MMC will then apply for accreditation status for the particular programme. This is required by MQA as part of the evaluation for accreditation is on the students’ final year project/industrial training.

For the accreditation exercise, MQA team which consists of a MQA officer and panels of assessors who are experts in the relevant field will visit MMC usually over a two days period. The team will be conducting the following besides verifying the information available in the accreditation documents sent earlier by MMC:

  • interview with the lecturers
  • interview with the students
  • interview with the administrative staff
  • observation on selected lectures
  • visits to academic facilities (laboratory, library, lecture room, etc.)

Subsequent to this visit, the team will submit a report to MQA on its finding. This report will be considered by the Board of MQA and a decision will then be made on whether the accreditation shall be granted or denied.

Website link to: Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR)