Diploma in Business Information Systems (DBIS) provides students with comprehensive training in both business and information technology. The DBIS program would prepare graduates to take on a supervisory cum executive role in the business world of tomorrow. In the first year of the programme, the courses encompass foundational subjects, which include Business Mathematics, Computer Systems Applications and Business Management. Students are also exposed to Mathematics, IT and Business. In the last two trimesters, students would have the opportunity to learn how to integrate both the business and IT knowledge and apply it to the real world.


The Programme outcomes for Diploma in Business Information System are to:

  • Acquire and apply fundamental principles of mathematics, business and computing. (knowledge/cognitive).
  • Communicate effectively. (Communication, Leadership and Team Skills/affective).
  • Acquire programming skills and apply programming principles in developing computer programs. (Practical Skill/psychomotor).
  • Identify problems, formulate systems’ requirements, design new systems and find solutions based on a system approach. (Scientific Method - Problem Solving/cognitive).
  • Work independently as well as in groups within the specific timeline given. (Communication, Leadership and Team Skills/affective).
  • A multi-skilled graduate with good technical knowledge, management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. (Entrepreneurship and Managerial Skills/affective).
  • Aware of the social, religious, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities, and commitment to professional and ethical responsibilities. (Social Skills and Responsibilities/affective).
  • Apply knowledge and experience in real life situations through continuous professional development and lifelong learning. (Lifelong Learning and Information Management/affective).


2½ Years / 7 Semester