Approval of Programmes by the Private Higher Education Institution Sector (PHEIS), Department of Higher Education Management, Ministry of Education (MOE)

As required by Section 38, Private Higher Education Act 555, all Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEI) are not allowed to conduct any academic programme without the approval from the Minister of Education (MOE).

The process for the creation of a new degree programme starts from discussion of the proposed programme by the School (School of Engineering / School of Information Technology & Multimedia, School of Business & Accounting), Academic Planning (AP) and Business & Programme Development (BPD) committee in MMC. The proposal is then forwarded to the Board of Academic (BOA) which is the highest academic authority in the college for endorsement. If this proposed programme is endorsed by BOA, the CQAAE will then prepare the documents as prescribed by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

For the evaluation of the programme, MQA will appoint a team of assessors who normally comprise experts in the relevant field of studies from public universities in Malaysia. The evaluation will be done on the curriculum, facilities and teaching staff. The result of the evaluation will then become the basis for the Board of MQA to make a recommendation to MOE on whether or not the programme could be approved. Upon receiving the recommendation from MQA, MMC will then submit the recommendation to the Minister of Education (MOE) who is the highest authority in granting the approval for the programme. The Minister's decision shall be conveyed to MMC by the MOE.